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  • Contoured finger guides to ensure correct grip
    Promotes self-feeding
    Handy spoon rest

  • PATENTED ‘MAKES SCOOPING EASY’ CORNERS – A perfect mouth sized portion every time — The unique and patented spoon shaped corners are designed to portion food into a perfect spoon sized helping. By preventing excessive amounts of food being loaded on a spoon we reduce the tendency of the food falling off before reaching its destination. Very satisfying for child and a lot less mess to clear up for the parent.
    EXCLUSIVE 360 DEGREE ‘WAVED SHAPED SIDES’ – Stops food spilling over the edge — The common problem with traditional bowls and plates is that food can easily be pushed out of the bowl as the child attempts to scoop up the food, causing a mess and wasted food. The sides of our bowl curve inwards in an exclusive 360 degree wave shape. This stops food from spilling over the edge and flips it back onto the spoon instead.
    UNIQUELY DESIGNED FOR LEFT HANDED, RIGHT HANDED AND STILL DECIDING HANDED CHILDREN — Whichever motion the child uses to scoop up the food they will always find and push the food into one of the patented corners, which traps and loads the food onto the spoon, copying the motion an adult would do with a knife and fork.

    £19.90 £15.90
  • Suitable for age: 3 month to 3 years
    Dimensions (W x H x D): 15.6*13*5 cm
    Cute both holders help kids to catch